Brightside is all about amazing live music for events of all kinds! We are an agency that specialises in the perfect match of an artist (or artists) to our client's events and venues from our extensive network of soloists, duos, trios and bands. We work exclusively with trained and professional musicians throughout Sydney and all of our artists are auditioned, coached in-house and prepared specifically ahead of every event. We are an all in one musical solution, with our artists completely across your runsheet, fully equipped with instruments and sound gear and with all logistics and planning sorted ahead of time with our team to ensure the details are done and the event is perfect.

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Growing up on a farm in the south east of Country SA, blues, country and soul music has been what I grew up with. 

Music and singing especially has been a love of mine since I could speak. My style and sound is very much a mix between country/soul/blues with a mix of pop thrown in there.  

My musical inspirations are Keith Urban, Kaleo, Eric Clapton, Chris Stapleton and many more.

I'm currently working on my first EP which is very much a mix between Country/soul/pop which I'm very excited to share with the world.

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